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29.10.2002 Edi B., Dino B., Dragan M.
New member in our team Dino B., he's giving us ideas and some graphical support... He painted that tank in Raklem :)
This is his first animation (made in Flash), sounds are in Croatian!

Click here to watch this masterpiece:) - 2Mb
Click here to download it in zip - 1Mb

From now on you can access our site thru and maybe .com redirection link soon !!!
VERY BIG THANKS TO VIPonline & for giving us room on their server.

Play Raklem 1.14

Action / Arcade
v1.14 - 3,727 Mb
Update to v1.14

Play Snakey 1.49

Arcade Snake
v1.49 - 1,650 Mb
Update to v1.49

Play Yambo 1.03

Board / Dice
Get it - 1,540 Mb

08.10.2002 Edi B.
New Snakey 1.49.49 :
-New look (removed some stats)
-New bonus (more info in the game)
-Added missing (oleaut32.dll) file

Download here (v1.49 - 1,650 Mb)

Update to v1.49 74 kb
(Save those files to Snakey directory (overwrite it))

Yambo v1.03.05 :
-Now with setup
-and added missing dll files

Download here (v1.03 - 1,540 Mb)
(8min. on 56k modem)
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