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Snakey 1.49.49

Authors Edi Budimilic, Goran Duskic
Type Arcade
Minimum configuration P166, 32Mb

Description Snakey is a game with very old idea, like Snake on mobile phones. In this version of Snake you must collect as many Food as you can in a row (in 2sec. each) to score big points. Faster you eat more you score !

Replay supported, just double click on someone in Highscore list and watch his replay !

Downloads Last version (19.08.2002) 1,650 Mb
*Mirror 1: Snakey 1.49.49 (Tripod)*
Mirror 2: Snakey 1.48.49 (iskon.TuCows)
Mirror 3: Snakey 1.48.49 (monsters.TuCows)
Mirror 4: Snakey 1.48.49 (ukms.TuCows)
Mirror 5: Snakey 1.48.49 (newnet.TuCows)
Mirror 6: Snakey 1.48.49 (urlorg.TuCows)
Mirror 7: Snakey 1.48.49 (easynet.TuCows)
Mirror 8: Snakey 1.48.49 (connectfree.TuCows)
Mirror 9: Snakey 1.48.49 (Lycos)

Update to v1.49.49 74 kb (19.08.2002)
(Save those files to Snakey directory (overwrite it))

If needed download VbRun6

Picture from

Picture from v1.01

Picture from v1.10.08

Picture from v1.31.32

Picture from v1.36.36

Click to see bigger !!!


Picture from v1.37.36

Picture from v1.40.38

Picture from v1.44.43

Picture from v1.49.49


OLD VERSIONS (for fans):
DOWNLOAD v1.00 9 Kb
( bugs..bugs..bugs)
DOWNLOAD v1.10.08 35 Kb
(most of the bugs were fixed)
DOWNLOAD v1.31.32 179 Kb
(new features new bugs)
DOWNLOAD v1.36.36 730 Kb
(even more features with less bugs)