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Authors Edi B. , Dragan M. , Dino B. , Goran D.
Type Arcade style shooting game for collecting points
Minimum config. P233, 32Mb (tested)

Description Raklem is a game based on a simple premise, kill as many enemies as you can. While doing that you have the chance to collect points and other bonuses such as, better accuracy, faster reload, increased soldier speed or bullet speed and so on. It all depends on the way you play.
Other features include an Options menu for Graphics(game speed) and extensive statistics including the number of times you have played the game. Another interesting bonus is the UpdateRaklem button which makes sure you always have the latest version of the game.

You can also find a complete High Scores Top 10 which includes player stats, while you can upload your own score and a World Scores Top 100 which also includes all the statistics.

Player keys:
Left mouse click for shooting
Right mouse for droping bombs
Moving with arrow keys and W,S,A,D
BulletsOut with Q or CTRL (Bullets fired at once)
General keys:
+, - for volume
Enter for New/Resume Game
X to Exit game (at all times)

Downloads Last version (29.12.2002)
* Mirror 1: Raklem v1.16b ( 4,09 MB *
Mirror 2: Raklem v1.14 (TuCows) 3,72 MB
Mirror 3: Raklem v1.14 (Iskon) 3,72 MB
Mirror 4: Raklem v1.14 (Lycos) 3,72 MB

Update from all versions to v1.16b 183 kb (29.12.2002)
(Save those files to Raklem directory(folder) and delete old "Raklem1.??.exe" file)

Raklem 47 v0.6b 2playerTest ( 446 Kb
(Click here for more info about Raklem 47)

If needed download Visual Basic Runtime 6 SP5 and DirectX 7 at least !

Screenshots From version / Date / Description
  v1.16b (29.12.2002)
-Little faster uploading of WorldScores
-Some pictures changed
-Fixed bug that deletes WorldScores on server
-Auto update worldscores.htm (live scores)
3.09 Mb
  v1.14 (27.08.2002)
-Some bugs fixed
-Map sometimes stays like it is! (New Game)
-When paused W,S,A,D to unpause!
-Raklem starts faster
3.72 Mb
  v1.13 (19.08.2002)
-Game runs more smoothly
-Fixed bug (fullscreen/upload scores)
-High and World Scores more secured
-New option: Static/Real movement...
-New Sounds
3.72 Mb
v1.11 (31.07.2002)
-BulletsOut with 'Q' or 'CTRL' (Bullets fired at once)
-No more hacking lvl1.txt and default.txt
-Playing is little harder with more intensity
-Invasion every 5min
-Picture of Hearth when you have good and bad drug at the same time
-Full Screen
-Fixed some bugs
4.14 Mb
v1.02 (29.05.2002)
-Scrool through WorldScores with cursors
-Fixed some bugs in WorldScores (graph icons)
-Acid that gives you unlimited Health leaves you max Health
-Graphic indicator when you're on drugs (red and yellow hearth in right corner)
-You can fire two bullets at time when you have more then max ammo
-Now with Installation Setup.
4.85 Mb
v1.00 (08.05.2002)
Finaly, Raklem finished in about two months.
Replay option - removed due not so good interests..
All known bugs were fixed.
4,59 Mb
v0.20 (21.04.2002)
Enemies can drop drugs... download game and see what can it do to you !
AI improved, diferent colors/level.
And much more..............
3,64 Mb
v0.12 (11.04.2002)
Airplane who can drop bombs, health and ammo crates.
In next version AI players will be diferent color, depends on AI skill !
928kb (hmm.. little by little and...)
v0.07 (08.04.2002)
Allmost anyting is in there..exept MainMenu with all the Options !
763kb this time
v0.02 (29.03.2002)
For now only thing you can do is to walk around and shoot at nothing..(with sound of fireing from your weapon)
This version takes only 120kb

18.01.2002 Raklem 47 v0.6b 2playerTest

This is how did first Raklem looked, this is an old and last version of Raklem 47. I was quit programming it due high CPU needs. That day(night:) we started from the scratch and made Raklem :(without '47' and whole story).
Click&see the picture on the left or download Rakem47 v0.6b 2playerTest !

Keys for player 1:
Cursors for moving
Right CTRL for shooting
Keys for player 2:
W,S,A,D for moving
Left CTRL for shooting

Click here to download Raklem 47 - 446kb

Internal pad file =
External pad file =