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Edi Budimilic (17.02.1981)
Programer, Webmaster and all kind of stuff...

I was the one who gather the team and started programming. I told my friends about my idea and they offered me assistance.. than our story started !
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Icq UIN : 44349418

Goran Duskic (15.07.1983)
Programmer beginner, webmaster

When my friend told me that they are going to make a game, I instantly wanted to give contribution. I asked if they need any help, and offered them my room for programming. Naturally they accepted and I became a part of GS team.
Web : Football News
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Icq UIN : 150695195

Dragan Maurovic (10.02.1983)
Programmer beginner, core rules from AD&D, Photoshop

As a child I was very interested in Rpg games but I allways wanted to change something in those games and now I have the opportunity to do that in my own game.
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Icq UIN : 151664011

Dino Budimilic (19.07.1985)
Programmer starter, Flash animator beginner, Photoshop beginner

As you know my older brother is a progammer so I learned a lot from him but I didn't wanted to program in VB like him becouse he is so much in front of me so I've just started animating in Flash and I hope i'll be good at it.
Email :
Icq UIN : 117293552