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24.08.2001 Edi Budimilic
19:30h :
New v1.31.32 of Snakey to download (370 Kb)
Many new features added , sound , replay ..

Nothing special has happend in last 40 days !

13.07.2001 Edi Budimilic, Goran Duskic
13:11h :
New v1.10.08 of Snakey to download (128Kb)

New game is planing "Conquer". It will be someting like monopoly game, but in Conquer you can use money to buy army and you fight with it for a land :)

Happy birthday Goran (15.07.2001)

09.07.2001 Edi Budimilic
03:13h :
New game in games section has been finished in one day "Snakey" - you can download the game here.. it's freeware..

We expect new member in the GS team soon..
13:09h :
New update allready - new ver. of Snakey to download (v1.01)

30.06.2001 Edi Budimilic , Dragan Maurovic
10:05h :
New games in progress - check Games section

Kifameno has a FULL STOP (The main computer has burn out and all the data files was well destroyed)

Ivan is no longer member of the GS team.(He have a new job (working all day))

27.01.2001 Edi Budimilic
01:11h :
Kifameno version 0.9 - free to download

22.01.2001 Edi Budimilic
20:23h :
Kifameno game online to see... send us comments - those who know the rules !

04:00h :
Welcome to GS Team... this is our first update so be pleased and look around

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