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20.05.2002 Edi Budimilic
02:48h :
Stuff by Goran Duskic added...

17.05.2002 Edi Budimilic
02:50h :
Due some problems with downloading Raklem we added second Mirror where you can download latest Raklem v1.00

10.05.2002 Edi Budimilic, Dragan Maurovic
05:16h :

Our page has been little changed.
We added new pages with stuff that every member of our team has done programming...You can find more free games there !
Go and see:
Edi B.
Dragan M.
Goran D. and Dario B. will have their page soon.

Kifameno removed due deleted source by computer burnout !

08.05.2002 Edi Budimilic
03:53h :
Final Raklem v1.0 online ! Finished !

Download Free Version of Raklem v1.0
Only 4,59 Mb (13min. on 56k modem)

04.05.2002 Edi Budimilic
01:05h :
New and last Snakey v1.42.43 download - All known bugs were fixed ! (this ver. is for very gooood players)

Final version of Raklem - here to download from 7.5.2002
for free..

27.04.2002 Edi Budimilic
07:22h :
New Snakey v1.41.42 - some bugs were fixed !!!

24.04.2002 Edi Budimilic
02:37h :
Game over for Raklem. Finaly, Raklem v1.0.
Game will be free after all, you can download Raklem v1.0 in a few days, we are waiting one sponsor to come up and that is all !

21.04.2002 Edi Budimilic
04:09h :
New Raklem (0.20) online !
Game is allmost finished.Things we have to do to finish the game:
-Some gameplay stuff
-Help option
(In this ver. you can upload your scores online and compete others in Top100 HighScore list)

Download - 3.64 Mb

We are planing new game, someting like Bomberman but much diferent !
It's name is Bomby. More about next month !

15.04.2002 Edi Budimilic , Goran Duskic
20:28h :
New game (Yambo) uploaded that we've made two months ago.
-This game is a remake of standard looking Yamb game..
-Cool graphic design with sounds of shaking dices :)
-Only 787kb - download

11.04.2002 Edi Budimilic
21:59h :
New download (928kb) of Raklem v0.12
New in this ver.:
-AI enemies (improved)
-New Melee status/upgrade
-Bomb your enemies with both mouse buttons
-Airplane: drop crates with ammo and health
Allmost done..(Main Menu, Options, High score list and simular stuff)

08.04.2002 Edi Budimilic
07:12h :
Second screenshot also with free download (768kb) of Raklem v0.07
It's hard to tell what's new in this ver.:
-AI enemies
-Lots of stats(upgrade bonuses)
-Sounds with nice graphics (blood:)

29.03.2002 Edi Budimilic
03:09h :
First screenshot relesed also with download (120kb) of Raklem v0.02
You can expect every few days new updates on a game !

28.03.2002 Edi Budimilic
06:45h :
Old Raklem 47 failed to impress gamers and we decided to make a new Raklem but this time game will be shooting arcade style (kill as many enemies as you can for points and improve your soldier).
Game makers : Edi Budimilic, Dragan Maurovic and Dino Budimilic
You can expect first screenshot and download later today !

24.03.2002 Edi Budimilic
08:47h :
New version of Snakey to download (v1.41.40) 326 kb
Some interesting features has been added :
-Before you collect points you can see future position of points(food) to eat(collect)
-In the game, while collecting points you can see your status on highscore list
-Some bug's fixed

16.03.2002 Edi Budimilic
03:45h :
New version of Snakey to download (v1.40.38) 323 kb
-When you stop collecting points "at once" you got massage how many points you have collected at once..
-One huge BUG fixed (can't die-after long time playing one game)
-Some graphics..

New game in progress.. "Starship War"
Game will be finished in about, one or two month's
Soon, you can expect more info about the game !

13.03.2002 Edi Budimilic
04:14h :
New version of Snakey to download (v1.39.37) 328 kb
-Same features, less bytes
-Bugs with timers were fixed
-Some graphics..

12.03.2002 Edi Budimilic , Dragan Maurovic
03:43h :
New version of Snakey to download (v1.38.36) 768 kb
New from last version:
-Some new sounds
-One little bug fixed (times played)
-Colors in Score list and Timing bar

20.02.2002 Edi Budimilic , Dragan Maurovic
23:11h :
New version of Snakey to download
(v1.37.36) Some bugs fixed..
New Features:
-When you pass over grass it stays dirt
-When you enlarging you can see for how much
-You can place your own picture of grass instead of this one, it's placed in Snakey Folder named "Map.jpg" and "MapE.jpg"

18.02.2002 Edi Budimilic
06:57h :
New version of Snakey to download
Many bugs fixed + New features

We just made a new version (v0.0.7) of Raklem 47 - see screenshoot !
You can download the old 2 Player Test version (v0.0.6) - 604Kb

We have a new member on the team - Dario Bognolo

15.02.2002 Edi Budimilic
20:20h :
Welcome to the new GS homepage.. we hope that you like our new page (graphics)..

Many things has happend in last few months ! So, look around and be pleased.
Our biggest project till today was Raklem47. Snakey 2 in making immediatly after Raklem.